Let’s take look at the online banking of SunTrust

Technology is now the most important element in our daily life as we are modernizing everyday. As the days are passing the dependency on technology is also increasing respectively. So, to facilitate the uses of these technologies experts are always trying to make these better and convenient. Now, in this modern era of technology Internet is one of the most important parts of our daily because already it has various effects in our daily life. The most important part of the Internet is that it is mobile that you can operate it form anywhere and at anytime. This feature makes it more convenient to us because people always want to done things easily and in no time. So, the services of Internet are the best option for them. Now-a-days, Internet is also very much popular for its services like all-time connectivity. We can now always get connected to each other very easily no matter how far the distance is. So, by using this particular feature many kinds of dealings are being made very easily. Banks are also now using this connectivity feature to get connected with the customers and also provide the services online through Internet.

Suntrust Online Banking Secure

Banks are the financial institution of a country which helps the local people and the others by financial services and also help the country to build its economy. Now, in previous times the banks were mainly based on the concepts of give and take. This concept is also available in this time that the banks takes money from the people as deposit and gives them the money as loans. But besides that, through the modernization of the concepts and the world’s financial scenario, the banks are now proving services like online banking, credit card management, money management, SME loan, Business banking etc. To facilitate their services banks are now using Internet services as it is known as online banking. SunTrust Bank is also using this particular service which is also known as SunTrust online banking. Now let’s take a look to the SunTrust Bank.


SunTrust Bank Inc. is an American public bank which was founded in 1985. According to the calculation of 2009 it had US$172.7 billions of assets. It has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. SunTrust bank has approximately 1700 bank branches which operate in Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C. The bank’s offerings currently include services like Trust services, Mortgage Banking, Mutual funds, Credit Cards, Insurance etc. It has divided its services among three different sectors. They are Personal Banking services, Small Business Services, Wealth Management Services and Commercial, Corporate & Institutional Services. In their Personal Banking Services they have included services like Everyday Checking, Balanced Banking, Solid Choice Banking, Signature Advantage Banking, Student Checking, Check Cards and Checking Account Features. For these services they have online banking and mobile banking which make their services more convenient. Next in their Small Business Services they have included services like Business Checking, Analyzed Business Checking, Analyzed Interest Checking, Business Interest Checking, Select Business Checking, Total Business Banking, Primary Business Checking, and Overdraft Protection services. Besides that they also have services for the Corporate & Commercial Sector. Those services are under the Financing and Capital Raising section as, Core Credit Solutions, Real Estate Loans and Leases, Equipment Financing, Debt and Equity Capital Raising, Asset Based Credit Solutions, Specialty Finance Solutions etc. Besides these they also have services like Investment Management, Investment Management Services, Liquidity Management, Financial Risk Management, Interest Rate Risk Management, Currency Risk, Management, Commodity Risk Management and Key Person Insurance Solutions. So, these are most of the services of SunTrust Bank. Most of these services are also available in SunTrust Online Banking services. Let’s take look at the online banking of SunTrust.


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1. 24 hours online access: SunTrust Bank has the 24 hours online banking system through Internet. This is most important feature for almost all kinds of customer. Because it’s hard to find the time to bank for many customers in these busy days. So, through this service anybody can do his banking anytime after the office hours.


2. History database: SunTrust has a very much convenient database where you can look for the transaction history for the last 18 months. It is sometimes very necessary for many customers to review the transaction history to get a clear view on the accounts. Now, through this easy database management system they can easily view their transactions.


3. Online bill payment facility: Customers can also pay their bills anytime through the online banking facility of SunTrust. SunTrust has the most dedicated online service of bill payment easily for the customer. Sometimes it’s very difficult to pay the bills because of long lines, in that case customers can use online bill payment and choose to be smart.


4. Convenient: Online banking is the most convenient banking options for the customers to do the banking job from their home at anytime them want. This feature makes it more convenient because customers can manage their accounts anytime they want and also form anywhere. So, now it is very easy to pay the bills, manage the accounts and to make a transaction.


5. Secure and Guaranteed: Sometimes people hesitate to do a transaction through online because of the tension of security. But there’s no chance of tension here in SunTrust online banking because they provide the most secure server which keeps your payment safe and they also guarantee to pay for the loss if any unexpected loss occurs due to their server weakness.


So, these are the most convenient and lucrative features of SunTrust online banking which have given it a good pace in the industry of banking. Now, as the technology goes far, SunTrust will always be in the top to apply it on their system to make it further more comfortable for the customers. So, let’s try the best services of SunTrust Bank to feel the comfort and real fun of banking.

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