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In a country’s economy banks are like the impediments. Because each and every bank is liable to do the job towards the economic boost up whether it is public or private. Now, public banks are totally count as an asset of the country but private banks are as in we can understand by its name have private authorities in its work structure. But in spite of being private it also has some liabilities to the country upon which it is situated on. Banks are often being seen as an institution which only gives and takes money. But that is not the whole functioning of a bank. A bank has to do a lot more than this. It is like a financial support to the common people as well as the whole nation as they give total financial supports to the clients. Banking system is a very old system which is based on the give and take strategy but as the day passes it has improved itself with many other features of modified services to support the local demand.


As we know our world is changing throughout the emergence of technological advancements, every institution, organizations, industries are very much eager and co-operative to welcome those advancements in their working facilities. Among the technologies Internet is the major one which has increased our communication system throughout the globe as well as has facilitated our work procedure. We may have all heard the term “Online Banking”. Online banking is a process by which the banking system as we know the transactions, bill payments etc can be cone through Internet and in a convenient way. Now a day, almost every banks in the world has the system of online banking by which they what to give the customers the facility to make their banking works mobile, to travel with them. It is a very popular system worldwide. So, FNB is not different from them. They also have features of online banking. We will come to that later. At first, take a look at the FNB.

FNB Bank South Africa

FNB which is known as First National Bank is one of the biggest four banks in South Africa. It was founded in 1838. It is a divisional part of the First Rand Limited which is a large financial service provider also known as financial conglomerate. The First Rand Limited generally trades on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE). Now, FNB is among the three major divisions of the First Rand Group. FNB maintains subsidiaries in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia wholly or in part. It is also running expansion plans in Ghana, Angola & Nigeria.


FNB has plenty of services including three main categories of Personal banking, Business banking and Private banking. Among these categories Personal banking includes Products, solutions, services and rewards. In the product section it has Cheque Accounts, Credit Cards, One Account, Home Loans, Smart Bond, FNB Loans, Student Loan, Vehicle Finance Investment, Deposits, Savings Accounts, Share Investing & Krugerrands, Forex, Funeral Cover, Short Term Insurance, Life Cover, and Legal Cover

(Law on Call), Foreign Banking and Wills and Trusts. They provide all the service for the personal accounts from the product section. They also have services for personal banking such as Prepaid Products, LOTTO & More, Traffic Fines, FNB Connect, Cell Pay Point, Cell phone Contracts, Debit Order, Switching Salary Switching and many more. Besides these they have Private banking services including Personalized Banking, International Banking, Islamic Banking, Credit Card, and Petro Card etc. So, these are the services and opportunities they are currently providing through their banking.


Now, the most important thing is that these services could be accessed through FNB online banking services. FNB has given online banking services in many ways to the customers. Let’s take a look at those services.


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1. 24×7 transaction facility: FNB online banking first privilege is that they provide their customers the facilities to bank 24 hours in 7 days a week even after the official work hours. So, it is a great facility to everyone because sometimes we may need to withdraw or transfer our money after the official hours. In that case, we can use the online banking of FNB.


2. Easy to use: It is very to use the online features of FNB. The website and the homepage of the individual’s account are organized considering the ease of access of everyone. Once you log into your account you can find every option right after you which is also oriented in a nice manner.


3. Safety & Security: FNB Internet banking is also very safe and secure as it is being monitored by the highly professional personnel to ensure the safety of each and every transaction of the customers. The guarantee is given by the bank if any customer faces any harassment.


4. Convenient: It is very much convenient to use because it has given the option of bank anywhere and anytime you want with just an Internet connection in use. You can easily login anytime you want and successfully do your banking as you like.


5. Online Assistance: FNB online banking also has an outstanding feature of online call center which is always dedicated to the customers. If you face any problems related to your accounts you can knock the customer care for the solutions of the problems. So, this online assistance feature is very much useful to the customers.


6. Managing money: You can also manage your money through out this online access to your account by managing day to day transactions from your bank account. So, online banking service of FNB is very much effective for them who have a lot of transactions from their account.


7. Electronic Payments & Transfers: FNB Internet banking services also provide the facility of electronic payments and transfers by which anyone can easily transfer the money from one account to another just within a second from anywhere.


So, these are the services provided by FNB online banking and also have given a boost up in banking of their customers by saving both time and energy.

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