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ABSA Bank is one of the banks which is giving online banking facilities to the customers of a specific region of South Africa. ABSA stands for “Amalgamated Bank of South Africa”. Its main branch is at the Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. It has started its services in 1991 as ABSA and now it is among the largest four banks in the South Africa. There are 10 major business entities who actually own the ABSA Bank. Barclay’s Bank has the largest amount of share which is 56.5%. The other owners are PIC, Allan Gray, Investec, Old Mutual, Coronation, Sanlam, Stanlib, Capital Group and AXA Financial SA.


How to do ABSA Internet Banking Logon:

1. In this era of digital world almost all banks are providing online banking services. ABSA Bank is also providing online services through their well navigated website.

The address of their website is You can visit their website and get in touch to the ABSA Internet Banking Logon panel very easily.

2. If you are a new customer of ABSA bank, then you can take a look at their ID Protection system to see whether they are providing the best possible security options for your bank account so that you are ensured about the safety of your account.

3. ABSA Bank has its own special security system which includes some security options like some security questions, so you may face some of those while providing the username and password into the login panel of the account. Sometimes these questions may seem very annoying but these questions are for the maintenance of the maximum security level for your account. These security questions are here to verify the original identification of the user.

4. Sometimes your browser may show you some options to remember the password of your account for a specific username. But these auto remember system may be harmful for your account. Because if it is a public computer they your personal information can be compromised easily. So, be careful about the browser’s auto remember system.

Absa Bank Internet Banking

Security Warnings:

1. Always choose your password very carefully. While choosing the password or pin number you should select something which you can easily remember. This is the most important security option for your bank account so you should be very careful while choosing it.

2. Don’t write your password publicly here and there unnecessarily. This makes your security status vulnerable as anyone can access your account and can give you many hassles very easily. So, as it is the most important security options for your bank account you should be very much careful about that.

3. Be careful about the email scams which is the most common way to hack your personal information. So, whenever you receive any suspicious email, just raise your caution level and beware of providing personal information through emails.

4. If possible then do not ever login to your from a public or shared computer like cyber cafes or pubs. Because these computers are very easy to be used by anyone, by which you may loose your valuable information within a minute. So, stay away from using these computers.


So, these are the necessary instructions and security warning tips to avoid possible threats while using the ABSA Internet Banking Logon panel. Always remember these while doing online banking to stay safe.

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